Ethanol distillery plant - for Sale in EU Lithuania (2018 updated price)

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6 000 000 $
226 086 600 грн.
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За рубежом, Прибалтика

Production - up to 55 million litres per 1 year, 150 000 litres /1 day. Equipment in good condition. Perfect logistics location.
Связь с продавцом:
Marijus Stroncikas
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Категории бизнеса: Завод, Промышленное производство, АЗС, нефтебазы, биотопливо
Адрес: Silo 4, Silute, Lithuania

For Sale - modern used Ethanol Distillery Production Plant, located in European Union, Lithuania, Silute. 

One of most powerful in CEE and Nordic regions, production - up to 55 million litres per 1 year, 150 000 litres /1 day.Universal production: dehydrated bioethanol (fuel grade, industrial, denaturated), or rectified alcohol - ethyl alcohol (food grade).

Universal raw material:  dry - corn, triticale, rye or wheat, and wet corn.

Advanced technologies and automated production – 25.5+ million EUR investments into new equipment during 2005-2014.  Most dehydration technologies made in Japan and Germany, rectification and DDGS equipment – Ukraine, automation German. Equipment in good condition.

Included - DDGS, production without waste, low
temperature, low energy processes.

Perfect logistics location - Rail: 2 lines in plant
territory for inbound raw material and outbound products; Ship vessels: FOB Baltic Sea - Klaipeda port ~50 km away, delivery to port by rail and road; Oil refinery: ~150 km to closest - PKN Orlen at Mazeikiai

currently stopped for more than 3.5 years, can be resumed.

Sales options available:

I. whole plant as a company - 100% shares, including full equipment & assets, buildings, infrastructure, rail, land, utilities etc.,

II. full plant equipment & assets - for dismantling and relocation;
90%+ equipment acquired new during 2005-2014.

Price expectations - updated and lowered recently in 2018:

4-5.5 million EUR, depending on sales option and payment conditions –  this is 15%+ of new equipment acquisition price

More details – see PDF file:

Also I would be glad to provide You with detailed information, answer questions, organise and demonstrate our Distillery Plant physically.

As next step I would kindly suggest email conversation or to arrange remote telco.

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